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Prins & Dingemanse

Royal Prins & Dingemanse is a Dutch company incorporated in 1880 by Jacob Prins, and it is one of the pioneers in farming and dispatching oysters and mussels. More than 5 generations have worked in the family business in perfect harmony with nature. Although they are highly dependent on nature, good-quality shellfish receives Prins & Dingemanse attention during their growth which takes several years.

They provide optimum conditions and growing areas, finally selecting their products carefully and processing and packaging them in ideal conditions. This is how they provide their clients with packaged seafood products that are fit for a Prince. By combining their knowledge in the area of farming, processing and selling shellfish, they manage to introduce more and more products in the market that are in demand by consumers and connoisseurs. Mussels or oysters, fresh from the sea, natural and bursting with flavour.

There are just 24 hours between fishing from the Oosterschelde and delivery to Market & Platters.

Loch Duart

Loch Duart is a sustainable Salmon company whose approach to salmon farming follows natural processes as far as possible – low density rearing, minimal intervention and respect for the environment, to provide Scottish salmon of outstanding quality.

Loch Duart is the name of the loch beside the hatchery where the salmon grow from egg to smolt. Loch Duart salmon is unique to them. The stocks have come from their own broodstock which has been developed since the 1970s.

Loch Duart salmon bears a strong similarity in appearance and structure to wild salmon. Fish are slim and torpedo-shaped with fully developed fins and large powerful tails

Sutherland is the most sparsely populated corner of Europe, it is an area of incredible natural beauty where eagles and peregrines soar. The rocks on the seashore are over 3,000 million years old – an incredible legacy of an extraordinary geological past.

Loch Duart are proud of who they employ, whether they come from the local area, Scotland, Britain or the rest of the world, they are welcome. They want people who think differently and will challenge their ways. They want local knowledge to develop and reside, making sure that they respect the local businesses that co-exist with theirs. Loch Duart want to add to the fabric of their local community whilst valuing its long traditions and occupations.

They embrace all who want to embrace their principles and add to a better way of farming.

Medithau – Tarbouriech Oysters

The Tarbouriech family has been in the thrall of the same business passion for two generations. In November 1982, 16 year-old, Florent Tarbouriech signed the maritime register to become a “professional” mussel-fisher. In 1986, he took over the oyster-farming business on “Etang de Thau” from his father and started farming mussels on longlines since this practice was tested in Mediterranean.
Tarbouriech’s family third generation continues with oyster-farming today for the company.

Traditionally, young oysters are glued one by one on ropes which are then hung in the lagoon until harvesting. Since 2003, Medithau has been developing a highly innovative rearing process which produces high-quality oysters: this maintains the use of this highly specific and traditional technique of “gluing”, and adds to it by regularly raising the ropesso that the oysters are out of the water. The idea is to reproduce tidal phenomena (which are virtually non-existent in the Mediterranean) this process improves the quality of the oysters both in terms of shell cleanliness and hardness and in terms of the taste and consistency of the flesh. The sun’s ultraviolet rays remove superfluous flora and turn the oyster shells pink! As part of this project, Medithau has chosen to fit its trays with solar panels so that renewable energy is used.

Respect for applicable legal standards, freshness and supply capacity are all key elements in Médithau’s partnership. Moreover, Médithau aims at working with responsible partners who protect environment, as part of our commitment to sustainable development.

Pascal Beillevaire

The marshes of Vendee, tucked in between the mouth of the Loire River and the Isle of Noirmoutier, along the Atlantic Coast, have been reclaimed from the sea many centuries ago. It is a surprising and wild land full of character. Born and raised in this atypical landscape, Pascal Beillevaire was born, selling produce from the famil farm, along with their homemade butter and cream. Thirty years later, it is a company with a unique structure, involving everyone in the sector, from the producer to the consumer.

Beillevaire make their own cream, butter, yoghurts, desserts and over 10 cheeses. To make all of these, milk is collected twice daily in a dozen farms nearby and brought, still warm, to the dairy. This trademark process ensures that only milk of the highest quality is used. All their products are artisanal, and they are the last butter producer to make it from raw cream in a wooden churner.

Beillevaire have a range of over 300 farmhouse or artisan cheeses, which they have selected for their quality and originality. Most of these cheeses are made from raw milk, and have a strong relationship with the land where they are produced. Beillevaire go that extra mile to find hidden treasures all over the France, and they select each goat’s, ewe’s or cow’s milk cheese themselves.


The origin of the Mouneyrac family is Corréze, the centre of France’s agricultural region. The company began in 1928 by Louis Mouneyrac, he specialised in selling apples and pears from Limousin, France at the Halles de Paris which was the central farmer’s market in Paris. Mouneyrac is now ran by the 3rd and 4th generation of the family, Thierry & Serge Mouneyrac. They have developed the business which now operates from the infamous Rungis Market, said to be the largest food market in the world.
The Mouneyrac brand is available only in the most premium retailers such as Le Bon Marché in Paris, Harrods & Selfridges in London and of course, Market & Platters in Dubai.

Artisan farmers are essential to the success of the Mouneyrac brand, their producer partners operate a strategy that matches fruit varieties with the qualities of the soil and natural environment. Their daily task of observing, understanding their trees, adapting their actions to the orchard, precisely defining the quantity of fruit desired per tree, meeting harvesting dates and the number of passes depending on the variety, contribute to maximizing the visual and flavour of a Mouneyrac fruit.


Kaviari has acquired a unique expertise on wild Iranian caviar. It is this exclusive knowledge that allows them to work today with the best sturgeon farms around the world. Their passion for excellence requires them to follow every step of the farming process : reproduction of natural conditions for the best farming quality, careful selection of our species and their best roes.
Kaviari is a family business which has become one of the most renowned specialist worldwide and is now the ultimate reference in the world of haute cuisine. The traceability of their caviars is flawless and is some of the best in the world. It is their passion and quality that allow them to work today with many Michelin-starred chefs such as Alain Ducasse, Yannick Alléno, Guy Martin, Jean-François Piège and Bernard Pacaud.

Caviar is a legendary art which was mastered by the Iranians. Jacques Nebot, one of the world’s most respected caviar experts who trained with authentic Iranian masters is now working and sharing his knowledge with Raphael Bouchez who founded Kaviari in 2001.

With Wild Sturgeon facing extinction, Mr. Nebot supported from the very beginning the first sturgeon farms and advocated for a sustainable caviar market. Kaviari embraces this philosophy and is now working with the best farms worldwide.

Kaviari are adamant about only working with farms that reproduce the most natural environment for their fish; from the breeding to the selection of the roe, there is no small detail missed. Throughout the year, they travel to wonderful places and meet with the best farmers to find the most delicious caviars around the world.